Facebook Live – 3/23/2020

In case you missed Monday’s live broadcast, Dr. Chuck explained that due to state of Florida mandates, LifeTime Dental will only be open for emergency care until May 8. He and Suzanne also talked about what qualifies as an emergency and they reviewed the purpose of Your Filthy Mouth, which is to connect the dots between the health of your mouth and your overall wellness.

Facebook Live – 3/12/2020

Dr. Chuck and Suzanne talked about how the cause of your headaches might be found in your mouth. They also explained how a lack of pain doesn’t necessarily mean your mouth and gums are healthy and answered several viewer questions.

Facebook Live – 3/5/2020

Dr. Chuck and Suzanne Lynn answer a question from Larry’s wife, who says he stops breathing a couple times an hour at night. They’ll talk about sleep-disordered breathing and ways to treat it without the traditional CPAP mask.

Facebook Live – 2/20/2020

Do you or someone you love suffer from bad breath? Join Dr. Chuck and Suzanne answer Gloria’s question about halitosis and talk about causes and cures.

Facebook Live – 2/6/2020

February is Children’s National Health Month. Dr. Chuck and Suzanne Lynn explain why baby teeth are still important, even though they’re gone before adulthood.

Facebook Live – 1/23/2020

Dr. Chuck reprises the speech he gave at TEDxEustis 2020, where the theme was “Think Again.” If you think your mouth isn’t important to your health, think again!

Facebook Live – 1/8/2020

Dr. Chuck is looking forward to speaking at Tedx Eustis next week. Join us at 5:30 p.m. as he shares some of what he’s going to talk about. Also, if you have a dental question, leave it in the comments. If Dr. Chuck answers it during the live broadcast, we’ll send you a “Your Filthy Mouth” coffee mug like the ones in the photo.

Facebook Live – 12/11/2019

Dr. Chuck and Suzanne host their first Facebook Live, where Dr. Chuck explains the Mission of Your Filthy Mouth and why having a healthy mouth is necessary for having a healthy body.

Hate to floss? Here are some alternatives

More than half of Americans don’t floss regularly, and 20 percent don’t floss at all. If you’re one of those people who don’t have the time or just don’t want to do it, Dr. Chuck and Suzanne offer some alternatives to flossing that are easier and work just as well or even better.

Why this message and these shows are so important

People are literally dying from diseases caused by mouth infections. That’s why Dr. Chuck and Suzanne are so passionate about oral health. Help us spread the message that what happens in your mouth affects the rest of your body.