As a patient at LifeTime Dental, you’ve probably heard Dr. Chuck say at one time or another, “What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in your mouth goes to the rest of your body.” After all, the mouth is the front door, and there are hundreds of studies showing the connection between oral health and overall wellness. We have links to many right here at

Now we’re learning that poor oral hygiene may be connected to serious COVID-19 complications. A new study in the highly respected, peer-reviewed British Dental Journal speculates there may be a connection between SARS- CoV-2 infection and “bacterial load.”

The authors of the study explained that during lung infection, there is a risk of aspirating the oral secretions into the lungs, which could cause infection. Some of the bacteria present in the mouth that could cause such infections include “Porphyromonas gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Prevotella intermedia,” they wrote.

They explained that infection of the gums is one of the most prevalent causes of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Thus, the researchers wrote, “inadequate oral hygiene can increase the risk of inter-bacterial exchanges between the lungs and the mouth, increasing the risk of respiratory infections and potentially post-viral bacterial complications.”

Let’s put it in simpler terms: Good oral hygiene has been recognized as a means to prevent airway infections in patients, especially in those over the age of 70. If you contract COVID-19, having a clean mouth decreases your chances of complications and increases your chances of survival.